We believe in the equality of every child to live and achieve their dreams without any segregation through disadvantageous circumstances. Hence, we are here for the less-privileged and destitute children.

We hone the hopes and dreams of the less-privileged child by serving as their pedestal and backbone towards achieving their goals and dreams.

To accomplish this, we have come together as a domestic non-profit charity organization to run local projects that will aid orphans, deprived street children and young people, have a sense of belonging in the society. We raise the awareness for them and cause their voices to be heard.


We strongly believe that every child is naturally endowed and has a particular impact in the society. Hence, we have made available a number of ways your time and support can help us create a better life and future for the children.


Giving some of your time to volunteer for Child Hero Global Care Foundation will help us continue to make a difference in in the lives of children. This is why our volunteers are a fundamental part of our organisation. Our volunteering opportunities range from teaching to event organisation to public awareness and fundraising, and lots more.

Are you blessed with special skills / Talent? As a team, we work together to bring those who with their skills and expertise…

We’d love for you to become a speaking volunteer on our monthly CHILD DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP (CDW) or street projects.


We cannot achieve our goals without our remarkable supporters who either support us materially, financially or by fundraising. raise the money that funds it.

Our Team


Chinonye J. Chidolue

Enthusiastic and committed to becoming a voice for the less-privileged children in the society.